Burnished Platinum Eagle Mintages

One of the main attractions to the Burnished Platinum Eagles is the incredibly low mintages for many of the issues. Nearly all of them have mintages of less than 5,000 pieces, with several having mintages of less than 3,000.

The series was off to an unsual start in 2006, when the new collectible uncirculated coins were introduced late in the year after significant releases for the more popular Gold and Silver Eagles. As a result, sales were low with the one-half ounce and one-quarter ounce sizes under 3,000.

The following year, demand was somewhat strong across all four issues. During 2008, wide fluctuations in the price of platinum and a tumultuous economic situation led to significant sales lows. The one-half ounce coin had a mintage of just 2,253 pieces.

1oz 1/2oz 1/4oz 1/10oz
2006 3,068 2,577 2,676 3,544
2007 4,177 3,635 3,690 5,556
2008 2,876 2,253 2,481 3,706